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Posted on 2019-09-17 09:23.

Season 3 of the College of Sciences podcast ScienceMatters debuts with a look at the neuroscience behind daydreaming and suspenseful movies. Other subjects in the 10-episode season include the latest research on climate science, the search for extraterrestrial life, and what microbiology teaches us about the early Earth.


Posted on 2019-09-09 16:38.

Three College of Sciences graduate students won first prize in the 2019 Carbon Reduction Challenge. They proposed energy-saving initiatives for the Institute of  Bioengineering and Bioscience Building. 

Posted on 2019-09-05 14:02.

The College of Sciences welcomes seven members of faculty who joined in 2019. They include Susan Lozier, the new dean, Betsy Middleton and John Clark Sutherland Chair, and professor in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Six others joined the Schools of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Physics, and Psychology, as well as the Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience. 

Posted on 2019-09-01 12:13.

Susan Lozier began her service as the new Dean and Betsy Middleton and John Clark Sutherland Chair of the College of Sciences on September 1. Lozier’s path to Georgia Tech is marked by excellence in research, education, and leadership, as well as the integration of scientific disciplines and a passion for mentoring. As dean, she will bring her vast experience to bear in addressing the needs of the College as she leads it to the next levels of achievement.

Posted on 2019-08-21 16:33.

We all know about the periodic table in some capacity. For scientists, it is a widely-accepted arrangement of chemical elements organized by trends and properties. For others, it’s mostly a colorful reminder of high school classrooms and chemistry textbooks. But have you ever considered trying to use the periodic table as an organizing principle? First-year students in Courtney Hoffman’s English 1102 course last summer did exactly that – create their own periodic tables. 

Posted on 2019-08-19 15:24.

“I wanted to be sure to point out that you have in your Convocation tradition bags a collection of Periodic Table scavenger-hunt cards provided by the College of Sciences to help you get out and explore the campus and meet new people this week. As you’ll learn, this is a very ‘Georgia Tech’ kind of game!” With those words of President G.P. “Bud” Peterson, addressed to the 3,100 new students at the Convocation on Aug. 18, 2019, the Georgia Tech Scavenger Hunt for the Chemical Elements commenced.

Posted on 2019-08-12 13:39.

The College of Sciences welcomed two development professionals early this month. Courtney Ferencik is the new director of development, and Erin Green is the College’s first development associate. Both started in their new roles on August 1.

Posted on 2019-08-02 09:10.

To celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table, Tech students, faculty, and staff talk about their favorite elements. For August we have Jasmine Howard, an MBA candidate in the Scheller College of Business.

Posted on 2019-07-19 16:46.

College of Sciences faculty raised a historic amount of external research funding in fiscal year 2019. At $70.5 million, the FY2019 total continues the College’s steady gains in external grants for the past several years.

Posted on 2019-07-18 15:08.

July 20, 2019, is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. A group of Georgia Tech scientists, joined by an alumnus who helped build rockets for the mission, share their thoughts on how the Moon landing helped the cause of science in the U.S.