Davis, Dr. Douglas


Davis, Dr. Douglas

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

Personal Website:  http://www.douglas-davis.com/

Tropospheric photochemical modeling, global ozone budgets; global atmospheric sources of nitrogen, sulfur, and the halogens; mechanistic studies of tropospheric sulfur halogens, Antarctic chemistry, gas-to-particle conversion processes, global biogeochemi­cal cycles, environmental atmospheric chemistry.


 Research Fellow, National Academy of Sciences (1966-1969)

 1974 State of Maryland outstanding Young Scientist Award.

 Certificate of Appreciation, National Research Council/National Academy of Science, 1984.

 Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Advisor, Sigma Xi Award 1987.

 Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Advisor Sigma Xi Award 1998.

 "Best Scientific Paper" at Georgia Tech, awarded by Sigma Xi, 1999.

 NASA Group Achievement Award for Outstanding Performance in PEMWest A and B Field Studies, 1999.

 Georgia Tech Sigma Xi Award for A Sustained Research, 2002.

 American Geophysical Union Fellow, 2003.

 Awarded Professor Emeritus status, 2004.


 B.S. Chemistry 1962 University of Washington

 Ph.D. Chemistry 1966 University of Florida


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